My name is Dan Bergeson and this blog contains facts and stories about my family histories. Specifically, it focuses on my paternal predecessors, Bergeson (Mjanger) and Parke, and my maternal predecessors, Femrite and Tryggeseth. From time to time I’ll include stories about the four families that joined them: Lindseth and Holtan on my mother’s side and Redfield and Duesund (Andvik) on my father’s side.

I’ve been researching my genealogy for years and have assembled a trove of information, but sharing it with others has been a challenge. I hope that this website will help with that. I’m especially interested in providing a link to the past for my children and grandchildren, and their future families that involves more than just lines and dates on a page. As you can see from the above photo, I’m increasingly invested in making this endeavor bear fruit sooner rather than later!